Automating SOW Procurement: Upstream Integration is Key

There are so many eProcurement and vendor management systems claiming to effectively manage the procurement of SOW spend.In most cases these “solutions” miss the mark, rarely even addressing the most important part of the SOW – the ‘Project Plan’.

To effectively automate the procurement of SOW, a technology must either integrate with or become the buyer's Project Management tool. The project plan is the Holy Grail of any SOW. It defines the resource requirements, budgets, time...

4 Benefits of a Closed Loop VMS

When organizations implement a Vendor Management Solution (VMS) that is little more than cobbled together point solutions, they're often left with "islands of automation" that create inefficiencies and confusion. On the other hand, a closed loop VMS is one where all functionality is fully integrated and where the process, transactions, and data move seamlessly from one end to the other. What's so advantageous about a closed loop VMS? Here are the top four benefits of this approach:


A Holistic Approach: 3 Reasons To Hire An MSP With A VMS Solution

A Holistic Approach: 3 Reasons To Hire An MSP With A VMS Solution

When researching a Vendor Management Solution (VMS), do not focus on software alone. There is more to a successful VMS program than software functionality; for long-term, sustainable success, one proven approach is to find a Managed Service Provider that owns, operates, and maintains their own VMS technology. This holistic approach provides an all-in-one software and services solution with greater benefits for the organ...

Contractor Retention: Think Beyond the Paycheck

Contractor Retention: Think Beyond the Paycheck

It takes much more than an impressive paycheck to hire and keep solid workers. Even in a tight labor market, businesses need to go the extra mile if they want staff to stick around and grow with their company.

What many companies fail to realize is that just like full-time employees, contractors, consultants, freelancers, and other independent specialists are swayed by factors well beyond a competitive salary, and because they're o...