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To save our clients time and money, we were the first to develop a procurement solution that provides transparency, expertise and make it easier to procure services and contingent labor.


The Procurement of milestone, deliverable and hourly based contracts have their own set of unique needs. Whether it be separate geographical, operating and business units or statutory and regulatory demands, engaging and managing suppliers can be a challenge. Covendis developed a Vendor Management Solution (VMS), an intuitive and flexible web-based platform, to help companies and organizations easily engage and manage their SOW suppliers. By streamlining, standardizing, and automating the entire source to pay process, companies and organizations increase their visibility, control, and real-world savings.

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Managed Services

We realize that every client has a different set of goals. Covendis has built a comprehensive suite of a-la-carte procurement and financial solutions which allows us to help our clients better achieve those goals. In addition to providing a full Managed Service Program or MSP, Covendis provides additional services such as vendor sub- tiering, invoice consolidation , vendor management, rapid sourcing and a proven VMS technology. Utilizing our well- rounded expertise of the buyer, supplier and service provider community, Covendis ensures that our clients realize their cost saving, transparency and efficiency goals.


Whether you are starting from scratch or have a category program in place, it is always a good idea to engage expertise as a sanity check. Covendis’ advisory services practice has helped mid-sized to Fortune 500 organizations improve their current program or build a road map for an entirely new solution. Our team comes from global suppliers, buyers and consulting organizations. This comprehensive view means no stone will be left unturned in order to give you the optimal roadmap for your organization.

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