Incredible Results or Mediocrity? It Starts With Your Culture

Many predicted that the Toronto Blue Jays would not fare so well after their long time president Paul Beeston and GM Alex Anthopolous, architects of a team that was arguably a player or two away from a world championship, were mistreated and shown the door as new President Mark Shapiro took their offices.

The result so far has been a mediocre performance by the majority of the team’s personnel. Numbers are down, and what was once a very solid teamseems now to be unraveling.
Why did the Jays regress so significantly  when the only changes were in management, a department seemingly somewhat removed from the actual performers? Because the culture you create begets the result.

Under Beeston and Anthopolous, the team was family. They had each other’s backs and performed for their teammates as well as for themselves. They were in it together.

The disrespectful handling of the change in administration undermined Beeston and Anthopolous’s carefully cultivated familial culture, a feature of high importance in any forward-looking company. In doing this, both the players and the staff behind the scenes lost something to play for and began to be affected by the lack of fellowship around them. It began the degeneration of the entire team.  

As these players walk onto the field, they carry with them the dispositions of their institution, just as all employees of any given company or organization. This fact cannot be ignored: in business we need to be mindful of company culture and office moral,, which is impacted greatly by the treatment of those involved. Our current and prospective employees, our clients, and the market in general are always watching.