Incredible results vs mediocrity? it starts with your culture

I would like to start with a shout out to my friends, “I told you so”. 

This comment is related to my prediction that the Toronto Blue Jays would not fare so well after their long time president Paul Beeston and GM Alex Anthopolous - architects of a team (arguably) a player or two away from a world championship - were mistreated and shown the door as new President Mark Shapiro took their offices. 

The result so far, has been a mediocre performance by the majority of the personnel. Numbers for most of the team members are down and recently the team seems to be unraveling. 

Why did I think the Jays would not do well when the only changes were in management, so far removed from the performers day to day? Because I believe the culture you create, begets the result. 

Under Beeston and Anthopolous, the team had a family feel, they had each others back and wanted to perform for their leadership as well as their teammates. They all felt like they were in it together. 

The way ownership handled the change in leadership not only left a sour taste with many of the team but it changed the entire ‘we are family’ culture that Beeston and Anthopolous had created. Now you can say these players make millions of dollars a year and they shouldn’t let the business side affect their performance but in the end they are human and when they get to the plate, what’s in the mind most certainly affects individual performance, decisions and the effort someone expends on your behalf. 

Now maybe the Jays figure it out and turn things around, but my point is this: in business we need to be mindful of our people culture which is impacted greatly by how we treat people when they are hired, when they are part of our organization and when they ultimately leave (for whatever reason that may be). 

Our current and prospective employees, our clients and the market in general are always watching.