Incredible Results or Mediocrity? It Starts With Your Culture

Many predicted that the Toronto Blue Jays would not fare so well after their long time president Paul Beeston and GM Alex Anthopolous, architects of a team that was arguably a player or two away from a world championship, were mistreated and shown the door as new President Mark Shapiro took their offices.

The result so far has been a mediocre performance by the majority of the team’s personnel. Numbers are down, and what was once a very solid teamseems now to be unraveling.

The One Secret to a Competitive Edge in a Crowded Market

Landing the best talent requires the reputation of a good work experience for its contractors.It sounds easier said than done, but there's a surprisingly simple strategy to accomplish this through a trickle-down effect beginning with your invoicing process. This one trick can lead to better service from suppliers, increased contracts, and access to a better pool of talent.

Gain a Competitive Edge: Pay With Speed

When it comes to paying contingent labor for services...

Timing is Everything - Don't Lose Your Best Candidates to Hiring Bottlenecks

The most critical step to consistently procure the best available contractors is the speed with which staff can post jobs, screen resumes, conduct interviews, and onboard. If staff cannot handle these steps properly, it can result in slowdowns in the talent hiring process. Every HR team knows what it's like to decide on a candidate only to be informed that they've accepted a contract elsewhere in the meantime,or worse, to extend an offer and not hear back at all. There are a few ways to av...

Contractor Onboarding: Don't Get Stuck Paying a 'Hassle Tax'

Contractor Onboarding: Don't Get Stuck Paying a 'Hassle Tax'

Consultants and contractors are highly valued because of their specific expertise and skills, but sometimes companies will hire them with little regard to onboarding and integration. Instead of approaching the hiring of a talented outsider from a collaborative standpoint, employers will adopt the mindset of "you're the contractor—you figure it out."

Perhaps companies believe they're already throwing a lot of money at...

Budgeting, Forecasting Key to Blended Workforce Success

Budgeting, Forecasting Key to Blended Workforce Success

Workplaces are increasingly "mixed" in the sense that contractors and consultants on hourly rates are working alongside permanent, salaried employees who are, in most cases, usually not eligible for overtime.

On the one hand, there is a benefit in promoting a team environment, where everyone is pulling in the same direction and for the success of the proj...