Timing is Everything - Don't Lose Your Best Candidates to Hiring Bottlenecks

The most critical step to consistently procure the best available contractors is the speed with which staff can post jobs, screen resumes, conduct interviews, and onboard. If staff cannot handle these steps properly, it can result in slowdowns in the talent hiring process. Every HR team knows what it's like to decide on a candidate only to be informed that they've accepted a contract elsewhere in the meantime,or worse, to extend an offer and not hear back at all. There are a few ways to avoid this.

To minimize disruption and efficiently process candidates, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) rely on Vendor Management Software combined with proven procedures to quickly and effectively onboard high-value talent. Leveraging the power and scale of a qualified MSP streamlines the hiring process and increases the odds that a suitable candidate will accept the job offer.A qualified MSP and their VMS can overcome these dangerous bottlenecks in the following ways:

  • Posting - MSPs maintain an extensive network of suppliers from which to draw candidates. Their VMS offers instant notification and distribution of opportunities as well as real-time feedback and tracking of proposal submissions. It ensures the entire process meets competitive bidding requirements and extends opportunities to small, local, and diverse suppliers.
  • Screening - The VMS provides an efficient screening and job scoring mechanism that pre-screens and standardizes all applications, allowing managers to quickly and easily access information about candidates at any time.
  • Interviewing - The VMS speeds up the entire interview phase from scheduling through to negotiations. Streamlined interview scheduling, rapid scoring, and assistance with the back and forth of the negotiation prevents the usual slowdowns of manager-conducted interviews.
  • Onboarding - To avoid losing good contractors and get new vendors working as quickly as possible, MSPs take time-consuming onboarding processes and reduce them to automated and online verifications. Workforce compliance, security clearance, and required background checks are quickly handled, significantly reducing the hiring time.
When it comes to hiring contingent labor, most companies recognize they cannot overhaul their culture overnight and suddenly become a Google-like talent magnet. However, working with an MSP helps organizations increase efficiency and improve acceptance rates from top candidates. Services procurement management makes a positive and lasting impact that gives companies a clear edge in searching for and acquiring the best and brightest contractors.